Complex SEO Promotion With Semalt's DSD

Wondering how to make your website profitable? We are ready to open the curtain of secrecy!

A good site is not a business card, it is a solid resource where the visitor is interested in staying and where it is convenient to make a choice. Thinking that your site needs SEO promotion, but companies' sites offer a whole range of tariffs, among which it is impossible to find your way? 

As a rule, clients are not interested in beautiful names with an incomprehensible list of services, but in results. Only an experienced specialist can advise you on the optimal rate for your resource, see with the naked eye the scope of work and the nature of the problems that you have to deal with and help you choose the best possible option in your situation.

In cases where the site is a full-fledged channel for attracting customers and it is necessary to achieve sustainable results, it is worth considering the option of comprehensive promotion. The best thing is to promote your site with an all-in-one tool that will really make your job easier. Otherwise, you may waste time. The best way is to get an effective SEO tool especially dedicated to website SEO promotion. In this article, we will present you an SEO tool that will be on your side to promote effectively by attracting more customers

Complex SEO - what is it and what is it used for?

Integrated SEO website promotion is, perhaps, the most effective way to promote your resource, which will take a lot of time and effort, but the result from it will pleasantly surprise you. The peculiarity of this type of work is that your site will not only be brought to the TOP, but will also develop a large-scale promotion strategy through all possible relevant traffic channels, in all possible ways. 

What does it mean?

As a rule, it is not important for site owners to get into the top ten of the search results. This is more important than visitors since their number increases from the leading positions in the search engine. Site visitors are potential customers, important to interest and captivate so that they take an action on the site (purchase, filling out a feedback form, requesting information). With standard approaches, the site is displayed in the TOP by carrying out a definite list of works, and this is where it all ends. Indeed there are positions, but that's not all! Not all sites can immediately take leading positions for high-frequency queries for objective reasons: 
  • great competition; 
  • user distrust of "newbies";
  • the specifics of the business. 

What to do? The situation requires decisive action!

Comprehensive website promotion involves the whole range of work aimed at increasing the popularity of your brand on the Internet, finalizing the site for the needs of visitors, in-depth analytics, redesign, filling the resource with live and interesting content. 

Therefore, when a site that has been completely redesigned to the smallest detail gets into the TOP, it pleases the owner not only with its position in the search results but also with the flow of customers. We are not promoting a website, we are promoting goods or services offered by our client! And this, with a very efficient SEO tool, namely, the Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

What is included in the complex website promotion?

Integrated SEO promotion is the intersection of search engine optimization and search engine management. Specialists systematically improve the site's performance, the copywriter fills the site with lively and interesting content, the designer finds the details of the "unfriendly" interface, and the programmer deals with technical problems.

Serious work is being done to audit the resource in order to identify strengths and weaknesses. Analysis of competitors helps to determine the direction of movement because the main task is to do better than others. A well-developed strategy is already half the battle. The work of different specialists is assembled like puzzles into a single picture, all types of work complement each other and create a selling and competitive website.

How can the Dedicated SEO Dashboard help you in this Complex promotion?

Dedicated SEO Dashboard (DSD) is a comprehensive web analytics and SEO audit platform that can be run on your domain at zero cost. It will enable you to provide your clients with advanced analytics services under your brand.

1. Audit and analysis of the resource - identifying its weaknesses and errors

  • Technical - allows you to determine the correctness and efficiency of the work from a technical point of view
  • Usability - shows how attractive a resource is for ordinary users
  • Textual - assessment of general literacy, thematic relevance and uniqueness
  • Analysis of competitors - without knowing competitors, it is impossible to understand where to focus your efforts
  • SEO - evaluating your site through the eyes of search engines

2. Elimination of technical errors - the fight against imperfections

Based on an analysis of the state of the site, a work plan is drawn up. There are always mistakes. First, the speed of work. Search engines "love" nimble sites, and users will not want to wait for the page to load. Secondly, the breadcrumbs, which provide easy navigation through the site. 

To the same list, you can add duplicate pages, incorrectly configured redirects, lack of competent internal linking. A complete list of work required by the resource can be obtained after a thorough audit and testing with your Dedicated SEO Dashboard.

3. Collecting the Semantic Core of the site - there are never too many requests 

Collecting semantics is one of the most important stages of work. In a sense, this is the foundation for structure and content. Traffic and text directly depend on it. The Dedicated SEO Dashboard collecting semantics is not just getting an endless list of queries, but also competent clustering and distribution among relevant pages. 

When it comes to a site with an already existing structure, semantics is collected not only for existing pages but also the work is carried out for the future. The more pages on the site, the larger the matrix of your resource, and this is another plus point in front of competitors.

4. Website promotion for key queries

Based on the collected semantics, meta tags are written and optimized. Work is underway with the hierarchy of headers and adding key queries to them. The texts that exist before the optimization of the site are edited - they organically fit the requests without losing the quality of the content.

5. Placing links, information about the site on third-party resources - let everyone know about you

This type of work will help bring users from resources, directories and forums on your topic. High-quality links from authoritative sites will increase the level of trust of search engines in your website, and you will receive another checkmark from Yandex and Google.

6. Creation of new unique content

The first thing visitors come for is to find the answer to their question. Customer loyalty depends on the content of the site, its quality, clarity and usefulness. A competent combination of test, images, videos can work wonders, and if all this is spiced up with designer creativity...

7. User behaviour analytics - time to spy on customers with your Dedicated SEO Dashboard

To choose the right strategy and not go down the wrong path, you need to know and understand the interests of your visitors. Research shows that before ordering a service or buying a product, users carefully study information about the company. 

A thorough DSD analysis of user behaviour will help you find and remove the moment of doubt. Experts analyze heatmaps, attention focuses, entry and exit pages. Based on the data obtained, conclusions are drawn and submitted to work to correct shortcomings.

8. Website redesign - meet by clothes

Often it is the visual design that makes you stay on the site - clients should be comfortable on the site. The redesign is not just a change of design, it is a serious work on the structure and ease of interaction. Sometimes the design is corny out of date and needs a second wind, although sometimes it is better not to stir up the past and boldly go into the future.

9. Advertising setup - appear on the market effectively

Most often it is necessary to declare about your company and the services offered. Contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct and Google Ads is ideal for this.

Benefits of an integrated approach
  • One team is working on the site, all members of which are aware of the general work plan and act together. There are no problems with communication and interaction.
  • Focus on long-term results.
  • High conversion.
  • User confidence in the company.
  • Large coverage of requests.
  • Wide audience.
  • Time-consuming.
  • Requires constant feedback from the customer.


To turn visitors into customers, you need a professional team working for results. We understand that our main task is to attract customers for our client's business, and not just a position in the search results, so we monitor traffic and conversion on the site. We develop individual strategies for comprehensive website promotion for each of the projects.

You can test a complete DSD promotion for free or a free consultation with our specialists.

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